I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty turned off by the whole Law of Attraction, spiritual manifesting community these days. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s ok- trust me, you’re not missing much.

The idea behind manifestation and law of attraction is that our energy has the power to magically draw what we want to us like a magnet.

The hard truth and reality is, there is one thing and one thing only that will give you what you want.

It’s not writing out the dollar amount you want a five hundred times.

It’s not lighting candles and meditating to a certain audio track.

It’s not having a guru mentor wave a magic wand over you to elevate your vibration to sync with the Universe.

(Believe me, I realize how crazy that last one sounds, but there are plenty of people that not only follow that nonsense, but will actually shell out thousands of dollars for it. Yikes!)

Nope- the ONLY thing that will ensure that you arrive at your desired state of Happiness is this: Taking Action.

As overly-simplistic as that sounds, just stick with me a bit and I’ll explain.

Since I began my personal development journey, I have read every book, watched every webinar by the top names in the Law of Attraction niche, and have gone through every program you can name on this. While I can appreciate the idea of some unseen force working either for or against people, I can’t help but feel that because the entire premise of Law of Attraction involves manipulation, that it makes the entire industry a head-hunting ground for predatory practices on desperate people. Think about it.

Who searches for ways to magically have more money? Broke people.

Who looks for ways to get rich without working? Broke people who already work 2-3 jobs, are exhausted, miserable and yup- STILL broke.

Who WOULDN’T want to believe there was a way out of that poverty cycle that didn’t involve working yourself to death?

Fortunately, there actually is a way out… and I will tell you about it further down in the post. More good news: the way out is also very simple- but nothing like what the law of attraction gurus want you to believe.

First of all, let’s go back and look at that list I asked you to make from my previous post: The Top Five things you would do right now if you had the financial means. Going over that list, which one item is the most important to you and why? If that one thing was taken care of, what impact would it have on your life? How would it affect your family? What physical feelings would you have in your body if that one item was on your DONE list?

Next, I want you to picture that one thing like a pinpoint on a road map. Your #1 most important goal is at point B, and you are sitting in a car at Point A, some considerable distance away. Looking at the map, you notice there is no road. You have no specific way to know how to get to Point B, just a general direction. Your hands are sweating, and you nervously start the vehicle, shift the gear into drive and begin to move forward. You have no idea where you are or where you’re going, or how long it will take to get there. There are no signs to point the way and no lights to tell you when to stop or slow down. But something inside you tells you to just keep going forward. So you relax, roll down the windows and let the sun and fresh air inside. Suddenly, you come up over the first hill, and looking ahead, you can see a faint hint of a road. You open your phone to see if the GPS works and sure enough- there’s a road with turn by turn instructions leading to Point B. You finally realize you already have what you’ve needed this whole time: the Confidence to start the journey. You hit the gas and take off, smiling with sincere happiness because you know at the end of this journey, you will reach your goal at Point B.

After reading through this exercise, can you see how important that first step is? Think about that #1 important goal again and ask yourself, “What would I do if I knew for a fact that I would succeed? What if I knew that I would overcome every obstacle or challenge between me and my goal and that once I begin, everything in my life will fall into place to help me make it happen?”

At this point, you have a choice to make. I get that so far, life hasn’t been easy for a lot of you. I also understand that there are places in the world where people are suffering horribly through acts of war, poverty and despair.

That is why I became determined to help as many people as I can to lift themselves out of their circumstances through persistence, courage and developing the skills to enrich themselves in every way possible, because I firmly believe that you can be of better service to people if you’re happy and wealthy than if you’re miserable and broke.

So, if you are reading this blog post right now, and you have made the decision to go for that #1 goal on your list, I want to hear about it!

Your next step is to shoot an email to me at admin@worklesslivemore.store with your goal list, which goal is most important and why. Once you do that, we’ll set up a Free Consultation Call to create a game plan for you to achieve DONE status on your goal list.

The most spiritual I get is this right here: Life is sacred, and meant to be truly cherished and LIVED.

See you in my inbox soon!

Yours in Wealth,


PS- If you’re tired of your current situation, You need to start a life change. I suggest you start by reading this. It’s the #1 book that put me on the path to financial freedom… I wouldn’t be here without it!




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