Auto Passive Profit Cycles Explained…

So here I am, suffering through a cold my man very generously shared with me on a holiday weekend, 😒…

We were camped out on the couch watching alien movies while I worked on a funnel for a brand new biz op I was promoting. I had already started with a test funnel that I had set up earlier in the week.

I went over to ClickBank to grab some specialized hoplinks to put in my page when I glanced at my dashboard and saw 😱 SALES!

Again, this was a BRAND NEW ClickBank account I had set up just for this offer so I could compare it with other things I was running.

These sales happened within a couple days of me setting this all up, (which only took me a couple hours at most.)

I know, it’s less than a $100, but still- I’ve been marketing online since 2014 and have NEVER seen something work as slick as this has so far… Even BEFORE I actually start driving paid traffic to it!

If you’re reading this and wondering if this is something that you could use in your business, do yourself a favor and watch this video training to show you how I did this, and just follow the same steps.

Literally, all I did was follow the directions I was given in this program. Nothing fancy or too technical. ANYONE who can write an email can do this.

If you’re wondering why I’m so stinkin’ excited about this seemingly small victory, you have to understand a bit about where I’ve been…

Long story short, I’ve spent most of my best years doing what I thought I had to do to succeed in life.

I went to school, went to college, graduated, worked different jobs along the way, got pregnant, got married, got divorced, moved back home, got low-end job after low-end job, met another guy, married him, had another kid, spent the next decade working for HIS business for free- he didn’t think my work was worthy of a paycheck- surprise! Got divorced again, and worked the last three years for my favorite Italian restaurant as their lead server assistant chef and manager. Then Covid happened and basically swept the legs out from under our feet. We lost all our employees and couldn’t find ANYONE to apply to work. My current squeeze, the owner of the restaurant decided it was too much work for just the two of us and because we were running out of money to pay ourselves, we had to close.

I have worked many different industries, but this restaurant was by far the hardest to sustain during the pandemic.

I started thinking about which businesses DIDN’T suffer losses through the lockdowns while I sat on the sofa and checked my emails and scrolled Facebook on my phone…

I saw ads for different products and programs in my newsfeed, and rolled my eyes at the promotional emails in my inbox when it hit me: Marketing!

Online businesses didn’t suffer at ALL through this whole thing. In fact, we all got to watch Jeff Bezos take a pleasure cruise to space- PAID FOR by profits he made during the pandemic.

I knew that people were making money from these ads and emails somehow, and I was determined to make the same thing happen for myself.

So I looked through my emails to see if I had anything new to promote.

I found an email from another marketer friend of mine who I knew was doing very well with his campaigns.

He was talking about a webinar that showed how to start a business that becomes profitable without spending your own money.

I didn’t hesitate to sign up and watched the webinar that is changing the game for me and anyone else who uses the method the presenter describes as a “passive profit cycle.”

Without giving away too much info, I’ll just say that I felt like a complete idiot for not doing this before.

Passive profit cycles work and they work WELL for a couple reasons: 1) They allow you to start from zero and get into profit quickly and 2) they are evergreen and can be scaled easily and my favorite part is that it costs NO money to get started using this method and seeing results quickly. You can literally watch the webinar, copy the steps you’re shown and watch the commissions start coming in.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather make money by sending an email than from working 14 hour days and getting yelled at by impatient people.

Anyway, I hope this post is reaching you and making sense.

If you want to get out of that dead-end job, get away from a horrible boss or just start passively making an income in your spare time, I suggest you get a seat on this webinar asap.

See you on my next post!

Yours in Wealth,



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