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Energy Balance

This audio provides peaceful calming and balancing of your energy. It is perfect for hitting a "reset" button after a stressful day, or preparing your energy and mindset for a difficult task ahead.

Health & Fitness

Whether you are training for an event or just want to adjust your overall physical health, this audio is designed to facilitate the thoughts you create about yourself in a positive, health-promoting way. 

financial Success

Our popular Financial Abundance Audio helps you to relieve current stressful feelings around money and aligns your mind and body with the vibrational frequency of attracting wealth.

Get the Bundle and Save 

For people who want it all- Get the Energy Balance, Health & Fitness and Financial Success Audios bundled for a discounted price.

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Vero Sé Hypnotic Wellness Relaxation

Use this audio to achieve complete relaxation and restfulness.

For the best results, listen to this audio once daily for 21 days.


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