I’ve made a decision to focus on what’s important in my life. How many of you read that sentence and immediately thought of your day job? I didn’t think so. What’s important to me is time with my children. Time with my man and time with just my weird self doing what I enjoy.

I think that the pandemic has cracked open a new view of the world for a lot of people.

And that’s a GOOD thing!

We are seeing a collective awakening to the call of our souls, urging us to pursue what makes us happy.

If what you do to pay bills is not also making you happy, and you are reading this blog post, take it as a ping from the Universe or God or your Guardian Angels- whatever you want to believe in- that in this moment, you are exactly where you need to be. You’re being held by the shoulders and shaken back to life again. REAL life. Not work deadline life, not bill-paying life, not alarm clock life. I’m talking about that piece of you that gets your heart rate to speed up, makes you smile as soon as you think of it and keeps you awake at night in anticipation of your next adventure…

It’s probably already bouncing around in your mind right now, but take a minute to just think about what you would be doing right now if all your bills were paid, you had plenty of money and the whole day to do whatever you wanted…

What kind of car would you be driving? What would your house look like? Would you still live where you do now? Would you be relaxing at the beach, or exploring a quiet mountain trail? Would you enjoy splurging on a leisurely meal in a classy restaurant? Would you get front row seats at your favorite sports event or live entertainment show?

These are all things that I never would have thought were possible for me just 5 years ago.

And yet, as I typed through that list, I felt a surge of gratitude that I have actually DONE all of those things…

Even though the last year has not gone as well as everyone hoped for on New Year’s Eve 2019, I think that we have every reason to hope that the coming days are going to get better. One reason I am confident in this is because of a secret that I learned recently…

I’m not talking about some woo-woo hokey law of attraction secret.

It’s not even really a secret at all, but it FELT like it had been hidden my whole life until I finally saw it for what it was and started to implement it.

No guru, media talking heads, or politicians could have convinced me that this thing works and is real- I had to see it for myself.

I’ll talk about this secret some more in my next post. (Get on my list to be notified when that post is published) 👇

Until then, you should do this for yourself: Make a list of the top five things you would do right now if you had the financial means. Read and re-read that list to yourself throughout the day and keep it next to your bedside so you see it when you wake up tomorrow.

Yours in Wealth,

Tamara Boggio


Writer, Mom, Lover of Life! I'm on a mission to help people Work Less and Live More using proven passive income strategies. Shoot me an email or subscribe to my blog to see what I'm doing and copy my exact steps to financial freedom.

    2 replies to "Working Less & Living More Day 1"

    • Martin Platt

      Hi Tamara,

      The pandemic also had me having a bit of a rethink, and reassessment of choices. Particularly with respect to the fact that things can so easily be messed up like they are. And we don’t know when it will end.

      I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be able to travel and do more online business.

      I have done it before in the past, but that was when I had a job, and was doing this sort of thing more like a hobby.

      I absolutely agree with the idea that there is a big change in the air for everyone awoken enough to realise it.

      Will check back and read more of your posts. Excellent read!


      Martin Platt.

      • tamarajboggio

        Hey, Martin!
        Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments! Working less and living more is going VERY well for me so far…
        I have also worked online a bit more as a hobby in the past. The pandemic brought my day job to a full stop,
        so I feel like my brain had no choice but to produce creative ideas to keep me going.
        And man, awakening is not a strong enough word for it. It’s like being jolted out of a deep sleep to find
        yourself on a whole other planet. I hope you will be inspired to continue to explore your own creative mind.
        Without a doubt, you have much to offer the world. Cheers~

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